Flowers, Jewelry, Brunch: America Spending Big On Mom

Americans may be feeling sentimental when it comes to motherhood this year, but the National Retail Federation predicts spending will come in a bit shy of last year’s record levels. It’s forecasting $23.1 billion this year, or $180 per person celebrating, compared with $23.6 billion, or $186 per celebrant, last year.

Some 86% of Americans say they plan to mark the day somehow, either by celebrating mom, other female relatives or women in general.

Brands are already piling on the marketing messages, from sweet bouquets from FTD, tire-changing moms from Pandora; extra-special bath bombs from Lush, to sweet safety messages from Qatar Airways. Plenty of the options are edible: Krusteaz, the pancake and waffle-mix company, is turning pictures of mom into pancake art. 



By age group, the consumers likely to spend the most are between 35 and 44, with an average $224.

Jewelry is expected to account for the biggest chunk, with about 34% of shoppers saying they intend to spend $4.6 billion. A special meal, like dinner or brunch, is also popular, with 55% of those surveyed saying they intended to treat mom, with spending estimated at $4.4 billion. About 69% will buy flowers, at $2.6 billion on flowers; 45% are planning on giving gift cards, $2.5 billion; 36% intend to give a gift of clothing, amounting to $2.1 billion; and 14% say they’ll give a gift in the form of electronics, spending $2.1 billion. Other popular categories include spa services, housewares or gardening gifts, greeting cards, and books and music.

And while Mother’s Day generates plenty of sales for the retail industry, some stores benefit more than others. The NRF survey says 35% intend to do their shopping at department stores, 31% will buy online, and 29% say they’ll head to specialty stores. Local businesses are likely to draw 23%, while 22% plan to find something for mom at a discount store.

The survey, conducted for the NRF by and Prosper Insights & Analytics, includes some 7,500 adults.

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