2018 EFFIE Award Preview: Aveeno Data-driven Masterbrand

As a sneak peek at the 2018 North American Effie Awards, MediaPost and Effie Worldwide have once again collaborated to showcase some of the winning cases that will be awarded gold, silver or bronze Effies at the gala on May 31. This series focuses on learning and best practices from the media-focused categories. Effie Awards are known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the marketing industry and recognize any and all forms of communication that contribute to a brand's success.

Category:  Data-Driven/Programmatic 

Client:  Johnson & Johnson

Agencies:  J3 and UM

Contributing Agencies: Roberts + Langer and Cadreon

Title: Aveeno Data-Driven Masterbrand




Aveeno is a leading skincare brand with a wide range of product lines that span across a user’s lifetime from baby care products to anti-aging solutions. However, despite being active in multiple product categories, there is limited cross-category purchasing of Aveeno products. On average, Aveeno buyers purchase 5 of the categories which Aveeno plays in, but the Aveeno brand is purchased in only 1.4 of those categories.

Our campaign’s overarching objective was to deepen relevance with consumers and retailers in order to loyalize existing Aveeno consumers and grow their lifetime value by delivering on the following goals:

  • Drive awareness of Aveeno’s breadth of products
  • Increase purchase intent & favorability across product categories
  • Drive incremental sales of full Aveeno portfolio across various retailers


Our data strategy was to seek out users who currently purchase Aveeno in one category but have not yet chosen to try an additional line of products. In order to effectively seek out consumers who purchase Aveeno products, we mined amassed shopper data to create our audience segmentation.

Once the audiences were defined, we layered addressability into the creative to customize the messaging not only based on which audience a user was a member of, but also based on real world triggers such as UV index, wake up/bedtime routines, retailer locations, FSIs in market, season, and contextual environment. 

Budget was spread across desktop and mobile channels and in tandem with over 18,000 pieces of unique and engaging addressable creative to launch a comprehensive media and creative strategy.

Throughout the campaign we optimized based on the creative, tactics, channels and inventory sources that performed best. The layering of the purchase based targeting, contextual environmental triggers, as well as personalization of media led to Aveeno reaching users while they were primed to buy. Honing in on new and lapsed users to the Aveeno product lines drove overall results.


To quantify results, we measured brand lift and in-store AVEENO® purchases across various retail partners.

  • Drive awareness of Aveeno ’s breadth of products

The 2016 campaign capitalized on brand equity to drive penetration and awareness with a cross portfolio approach and reached more than 10MM online households.

  • Increase purchase intent & favorability across product categories

We saw a +12% lift in Ad Awareness and +6% lift in Purchase Intent across all products segments (with the exception of Skin Relief), surpassing benchmarks by 233%. The campaign also generated strong lifts in Brand Favorability, ranging from +8% to +22% across categories.

  • Drive incremental sales of full Aveeno  portfolio across various retailers

The campaign resulted in an average ROAS of $12.61, exceeding benchmark by 347% (compared to industry benchmark of $2.50 for NCS’s Health & Beauty category). In addition, two product segments, Body Wash and Aging Skincare, resulted in ROAS of $29.49 and $28.98 respectively. This all adds up to a 7% sales lift.

The campaign results exceeded all benchmarks and our findings allowed us to develop an even more robust strategy for 2017 and we continue to drive success for the Aveeno portfolio.

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