The Truth Behind Today's Powerful Email Marketing

Email marketing is different than what it used to be few years ago. Technological innovations have forever changed the way brands communicate with consumers. If you intend to improve your click-through rates, you need to adopt a few new tactics and explore the finer details. 

So, what is the truth behind a more powerful email today?

Email marketing is no more a mere promotions vehicle or an advertising medium. It is, rather, a foundation of every customer journey. It requires investment. Marketers need to train themselves to be more creative and work on the essence by innovating around its content, and creating exceptional experiences for the customers. 

Here are a few factors that marketers can adapt to give email marketing an added level of strategic attention.

1. Go for custom-made email marketing 

Generic marketing has no place in today’s marketing strategy.  Custom-made marketing is the current trend. Those who are relevant to the readers are the winners. Studies indicate that personalization increases open rate by 50%. Think beyond leveraging first-names. Personalized subject lines, responsive designs and layouts, and relevant dynamic content are the three factors that contribute to the open rate of every email. So, instead of shooting emails in a bulk with a same message, try to segment the customers and personalize the content. Segmented and targeted emails generate better response rates. 



2. Mobile-friendly email marketing

Email made its debut as a simple means of communication in 1971. Ever since its invention, every organization started using this tool as one of the prime communication systems. Hotmail was the early lead player, which was eventually taken over by Yahoo and Gmail, which contributed a lot to add more functional features to this tool. From spam emails to HTML to responsive to interactive email, we have progressed a lot in terms of retaining this as the prime form of communication. With the penetration of smartphones, several new advancements polished the essence of email. Visuals, graphics, videos, audios, etc., took their place in the structure of emails. Emails on mobiles are growing bigger and bigger. 

3. Take advantage of the integration facilities

Instead of using email as a single tool, marketers can integrate emails with several platforms and apps like CRM, social media and other inbound channels. For example, if you want your visitors to subscribe for your blogs, you can encourage them to sign up with email subscriptions.  If you wish to integrate social media, you need to add social buttons to your email campaigns. 

4. Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning make email more powerful. It helps in optimizing many aspects of your email marketing process like content, time and frequency and in personalizing. 

The bottom line

Email marketing is effective even today. Quality and creative takes the upper hand when it comes to perfecting your email strategies. But, if you fail to connect with the values of your company, then no strategy will take you closer to success. To make this repeatable marketing activity a powerful tool, concentrate on the values and connect with the right message at the right time to the right customers.

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