Discovery Channel Kicks Off Shark Week Companion Magazine Series

Coinciding with its 30th anniversary, the Discovery Channel’s popular annual Shark Week will offer a series of companion magazines. 

The three magazines will be published in collaboration with Topix Media Lab Publishing, a New York-based publisher specializing in single topic issues, like Women’s Health’s Yoga Guide and Newsweek’s special commemorative issues. 

The issues are available across newsstands or online through Shark Week kicks off July 22. 



The Shark Week magazines will feature three titles: Discovery: Sharks—The Definitive Handbook, a 100-page collector’s item featuring photography and facts about the animals; Discovery: Shark Week—Sharks The Ultimate Handbook, a behind-the-scenes issues featuring deep dives into shark culture, including news about the latest species to be discover and commentary from experts; and Discovery: Shark Week: Sharks! For Kids, featuring games and activities to engage younger shark fans. 

As of today, Discovery: Sharks—The Definitive Handbook was already sold out online. Each of the issues retail from $9.99 to $10.99. 

Single commemorative magazine issues have long been a staple of magazine stands. In recent years, they have become a way for brands to extend their reach across audiences and deepen revenue streams through capitalizing on a single event or cultural trend — from a celebrity death to the royal wedding.

Often, the pub's charge surpasses the cost of a traditional issue would retail. Plus, it directs readers back to digital content. 

Some outlets are approaching this popular avenue in new and inventive ways.  

Earlier this year, Moviebill&n bsp;published a special Avengers AR commemorative magazine that had audience members engaging online. The issue sold out at theaters within 48 hours. 

Moviebill reported that the issue went out to 1 million moviegoers and soon counted 2 million scans across its AR content. Two weeks after the issue’s release, the company was still receiving scans from readers. 


The company also released an issue for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, with issues planned for other summer blockbusters. 

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