The Secret To Serving The Next Generation Of U.S. Hispanics? Go Mobile

Brands are finally getting serious about marketing to Hispanic millennials. More and more research is suggesting that these shoppers are “a driving force” of the U.S. economy, with $1.5 trillion in purchasing power controlled by young adults between the ages of 18 and 32. As companies start to make this marketing shift, most are focusing on mobile technology to reach them. That’s because Hispanic Millennials love their smartphones. It’s an ideal channel that companies can leverage to capture Millennials’ attention and imagination. 

However, to build meaningful strategies for any target audience, marketers first need to have a complete understanding of this specific demographic group—their motivations, their behaviors, what holds them back, and what moves them forward.

Hispanic Millennials are ‘power users’ of mobile devices

Hispanic Millennials’ use of mobile devices far eclipses use by older generations, who are not as tech-savvy. Univision reports that two in three Hispanic Millennials pay attention to ads on their mobile devices, while older generations are less likely to respond to advertising in this medium. In fact, Hispanic millennials spend 25% more time on their phones than the general population. 



This devotion to mobile makes the U.S. Hispanic Millennial consumer ripe for engagement on one of the most powerful modern marketing channels: social media.

Tune in and go social

It’s important for companies to have a marketing strategy that not only leverages Hispanics Millennials’ love for mobile but also social. Compared to just 17% of non-Hispanic shoppers, nearly 50% of Hispanic shoppers reported that they had either talked about a brand online or leveraged a brand’s hashtag in social media messaging.

But, marketers need to make sure the language and tone used on social speaks these Millennials’ language. It’s critical for brands to tune in to their target audiences’ humor and culture so that digital and social media content reads as authentic, relevant and culturally nuanced.

Above all, marketers should be consistent in their messaging, and treat social media localization as an investment, not just a box to check. Businesses need to spend the time and effort to listen and respond to consumers in their preferred language on social media channels. If they’re going to market to consumers in Spanish, they must be sure to support the customer throughout the entire journey, not just their early interactions at the top of the marketing funnel.


More than ever before, Hispanic Millennials have become a visible and vocal part of society, exerting enormous influence and buying power. 

Developing a targeted and effective approach on digital and social media will enable marketers and advertisers to develop campaigns that are aligned with the cultural nuances of these consumers and help engage them with maximum effectiveness.

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