StartUp Health Launches Print Magazine

StartUp Health is launching a new print magazine covering the people and technology dedicated to the future of health and its startup community.

A health-tech accelerator organization, StartUp Health introduced its first issue of the eponymous magazine at the beginning of the year and distributed it at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco.

The second issue was unveiled this week.

“There is great power in words — and to see them shared in print is a meaningful way to communicate something that in digital form goes by quickly,” stated StartUp Health executive chairman Jerry Levin. “In the digital world, the magazine business is a legacy business, but it is being reborn.”

StartUp Health features profiles, features and stories on new health solutions, with contributor articles from big names like former Vice President Joe Biden, Wellville executive founder Esther Dyson and the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Aneesh Chopra.



“Our team has created a magazine that explores health innovation in a way that is relatable to patients, caregivers, consumers and industry execs alike,” stated Logan Plaster, StartUp Health's editor-in-chief.

Sections spotlight “health transformers,” investors and companies to watch.

“Health is universal globally, yet until today, no magazine has focused on shining a spotlight on the people and organizations responsible for the progress being made and shaping its future,” stated Unity Stoakes, cofounder-president of StartUp Health.

“By sharing compelling stories and breaking out of industry silos, we hope to inspire newcomers to the health revolution, as well as make it easier for consumers to learn about advances, so that patients, caregivers and people everywhere can benefit from them.”

StartUp Health magazine is available online and in print, through a combination of direct and online subscriptions, partnerships with health retail outlets, like pharmacy chains, health clinics and grocery stores, and at health conferences and events. (These partnerships will be announced at later date, per the company).

The next issue will be released ahead of the 2019 StartUp Health Festival in January, then published quarterly.

StartUp Health is a part of the StartUp Health Network, which also includes the Health Transformer blog and StartUp Health TV.

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