Yes Lifecycle Marketing Rebrands Itself As Yes Marketing

Yes Lifecycle Marketing has rebranded itself as Yes Marketing and relaunched its website, the firm announced on Monday.

The move apparently reflects an expansion of the firm’s services beyond email marketing. Yes Marketing will support marketing throughout the customer journey, through the awareness, acquisition and loyalty stages, utilizing a technology-agnostic approach, the firm says. 

"Our mission is to connect brands with consumers to drive engagement and build brand advocacy," states Jim Sturm, president of Yes Marketing.

In addition, the firm hopes to help clients build relationships with customers that “result in lifetime loyalty and drive revenue,” states Michael Iaccarino, CEO and chairman of parent company Infogroup.

The firm will continue to invest in its technology and services roadmap, it adds.

In a recent interview, Sturm explained that the company was moving beyond email. 

“You have to be good at delivering in all channels, so we will have even greater data and infrastructure capabilities,” he said, adding that YLM will use “other digital media to help clients find new consumers and have them build greater brand advocacies.”

That means “greater integration and more campaign management capabilities,” Sturm continued. “We’re going to look like Adobe and Salesforce, not only like a SaaS platform.”

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