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Apple America's Most Valuable Brand, Netflix Rising Fastest

A new ranking of the most valuable brands offers plenty of proof that marketers ought to be stepping up their customer engagement and innovation game. In the new BrandZ list from WPP and Kantar Millward Brown, Apple moves into the No. 1 spot, worth $316 billion. Google ranks second, and Amazon, which shot up 69% from last year, is third.

Netflix, though, is the fastest growing, with a $30.2 billion valuation that’s up 93% from last year. (Above, a scene from the new show "Disenchantment.")

Apple’s brand value rose 13%, bumping Google out of first place, fueled by experience-rich features like Apple Pay, iCloud and Siri, as well the popularity of the new Apple Watch and iPhone X.

Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, McDonald’s, AT&T, IBM and Mastercard also made the top 10.

“Customer experience is now the greatest amplifier of value growth,” says Beth Ann Kaminkow, CEO of Kantar Consulting Brand & & Marketing Americas. Analysis of the leading brands reveals that those continually innovating customer experience increase their value 200% more than those that seem more static.



The top 100 brands gained 15% in value to $3.65 trillion, roughly one-fifth of America’s gross domestic product.

Netflix leapt into the 28th spot, making it the second most valuable entertainment brand after Disney. PayPal jumped 88% to No. 19.

Uber debuted on the list at No. 35, with better scores than Amazon and Apple for brand experience, and beating out Amazon and Tesla in innovation measures.

The rankings indicate an intensifying consumer preference for brands with a meaningful difference, such as Netflix, Paypal, Amazon, Instagram, Uber and HBO, which gained 78% more than other brands.

And it also shows a growing preference for value, evidenced by gains for both Walmart and Costco.

Purpose also propels gains, with Nike (positioned as socially conscious, especially with this year’s Kaepernick ad) gaining 37% in value and moving up to No.18.

The list is based on financial data, combined with opinions from more than 164,000 America consumers, asking about 1,500 brands in 130 categories.

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