Facebook Makes App Review Process More User-Friendly

Facebook is now inviting all developers -- including those who aren’t associated with a brand or business -- to access its revised app review process.

Earlier this year, the tech titan insisted that all apps using certain Facebook Platform APIs would need to go through a comprehensive review process.

As part of the review, developers were being asked to verify the business associated with their app by connecting to a Business Manager account and providing business details and documentation.

That led to many developers feeling like they’d been left out in the cold, admits Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, Facebook's director of platform partnerships.

Since the new rules went into effect, “we’ve heard from many developers who aren’t associated with a business and want to build on the Facebook platform,” Papamiltiadis notes in a new blog post.

To support these developers, Papamiltiadis and his team are releasing an individual verification process that will let them complete the app review process and continue using Facebook Platform APIs.



Individual verification grants developers full or limited access to a number of features, including events, groups, live video, Facebook’s Messenger platform and its marketing API.

In large part, Facebook’s app review process was motivated by the Cambridge Analytica scandal the tech titan’s desire to prevent similar disasters from occurring.

As part of that effort, the company spent much of the past investigating every app that had access to large amounts of user information prior to 2014.

That year, the company made changes to it platform policies, which it believed made data abuses far less likely.
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