WordPress.com Launches 2019 'Anything Is Possible' List, 'Do Anything' Campaign

WordPress.com, which hosts millions of websites for bloggers, small businesses and large publishers like CNN and People.com, is kicking off the new year with the launch of an inaugural “Anything is Possible” list and a national campaign called “Do Anything.”

The list, which features 14 people and organizations using the internet to make a difference in their communities and the world, was unveiled today. New content will rollout through the month of January.

The company notes January is the most popular time for the creation of new websites. 

In conjunction with the list, WordPress.com introduced its “Do Anything” campaign.

"This marks one of our first-ever national brand campaigns, with tens of millions of impressions planned across TV, print, digital, and podcasts throughout January and February,” Michelle Broderick, senior vice president, marketing, WordPress.com, told Publishers Daily.



"We were inspired by the people who use WordPress to imagine a better world. So we wanted to share those stories and speak to the possibilities of the platform: What if you could do anything?"

The “Do Anything” campaign will be featured in outlets like The New Yorker and TV networks such as The History Channel, CNN and National Geographic.

Broderick shared the TV spot called “SmallWorld” was a collaboration between WordPress.com’s marketing team and New York City-based agency Interesting Development.

The campaign will also team up with artist Kelsey Montague, featured on WordPress.com’s “Anything is Possible” list, for a live mural project in Los Angeles this month.

The campaign and list crisscross in important ways for WordPress.com. Broderick said: “WordPress.com has an editorial team that helped select real-life stories of people and organizations already using WordPress to make change in the world.

"They were perfect examples of the possibilities that the platform can offer -- and with the TV spot and these real-life stories, we got to reflect both a humorous side and a hopeful side to the open web.”
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