TowerData Acquires Xverify, Email Validation Firm

TowerData, a provider of email data and technology services, has acquired Xverify, an email validation specialist. Terms were not disclosed.

The purchase will help TowerData more accurately validate email addresses, allowing marketers to “combat fraud and improve deliverability to the inbox,” states Tom Burke, CEO of TowerData.

Burke adds: “We know that 8.7% of emails entered into webforms are invalid.” Email validation “protects marketing spend and improves ROI by catching and correcting invalid data,” he continues.

Xverify clients will gain what the firm says is easy access to TowerData’s Open Data, a solution that identifies when users were last active in their inbox.

TowerData’s service helps firm correct poor syntax, spelling and typos. In addition, it checks domains, verifies mailboxes and removes toxic emails.

Xverify has since 2011 verified over 11 billion email addresses, TowerData says. TowerData released an email validation API in 2005.



Both companies are active in producing research reports.

For example, TowerData revealed last year that many of the addresses entered on web forms using its Email Validation APIare invalid. The errors include “typos, such as writing “gamil” instead of “gmail,” poor syntax and fake email addresses, according to a blog post on the problem by Brian Cardona, president of TowerData.

And Xverify recently reported that typos, spambots and shady data sources are hurting email marketing lists, eroding sender scores and jamming up marketing funnels.



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