Mobile Video Needs New Ad Models, But Not Soon

Mobile Video Needs New Ad Models, But Not Soon

In a recent summary release of a Mobile Media Study, Forrester Research reports that TV-on-handset will render the standard programming 30-minute grid useless, as consumers will look to fill incongruent blocks of time with available media. This means 10-minute episodes to watch online at the DMV, 1-minute basketball highlights from last night's game, or 45-minute dramas to enjoy on a long commute. The ad model for this mobile entertainment represents a new end to the 30-second spot. TiVo-loving consumers who regularly block ads from their PCs won't tolerate the usual TV ads and might find sponsorships or short interstitials more acceptable.

However, says the report, it will take another five years for mobile video to be a mainstream reality. Why? First, the technology for delivering content to handsets across the US falls into two incompatible categories, DVB-H and MediaFlo, forcing users to choose. The earliest handsets with video capability will be hefty and expensive for the mainstream mobile user. Finally, a large majority of consumers aren't sure they even want TV service on their mobile handsets, and those who do aren't necessarily willing to pay for it.

In the meantime, suggests the report, to bring mobile video to the masses service providers must offer the programming and functions consumers want, such as MP3 player, camera, or PDA at a more accessible price point, while advertisers keep their placements unobtrusive through sponsorships or short spots

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