AI Projected To Be The 'Word' Of 2019, 'Transparency' Dominates 2018

AI (artificial intelligence), which ranked only third as the word or term of the year for 2018, is projected to be the most important one in the ad industry this year, according to interviews with advertisers and agency executives conducted by Advertiser Perceptions for Research Intelligencer in January.

The study, which was done following the Association of National Advertisers' release of its members' word of the year for 2018 -- brand purpose -- represents a broader cross-section of industry perspectives on ad industry terminology.

"Brand purpose" did rank fourth, just behind AI, in our poll for 2018, but it doesn't even show up in the terms projected for 2019.

After AI, augmented reality (AR), ranks second and blockchain and transparency tie for the third most important words projected for 2019.



Interestingly, transparency also was the No. 1 word of the year for 2018, followed by influencer.

While blockchain looms large this year, it also was named the most overrated word of the year for 2018, by a wide margin vs. the No. 2 most overrated: AI.

Clients were especially dubious about the role of blockchain in 2018 vs. their agency counterparts (see table below).

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