7 Reasons Why Spring Is Great Selling Season For Targeting Millennial Moms

Spring means more than warmer weather to busy moms.  It’s the time of year to prepare for the chaos of summer and presents a monthly calendar of shopping occasions.

From March to June, moms will spend nearly 2/3 of what they spent on gifts and meals during their Christmas shopping season, according to a survey by BSM Media.

Unfortunately, most product companies and retailers will miss out on this heavy buying season for one reason: they are out of touch with how and why moms buy.  There are seven drivers behind Mom’s spring buying spree, and understanding them will uncover marketing opportunities that could add to your bottom line.

Spring Break: Mom purchases bites-sized snacks for plane rides and road trips in addition to easy-to-pack toys, books, and games. She also restocks sunscreen, towels, and outgrown swimwear.

Easter: Yes, moms are buying candy, toys, and baskets, but the trend to surprise their families with non-sugar gifts opens the doors to purchasing traditional gifting items like hair and beauty items, gift cards, and experiences. Additionally, Moms gift to other family members like grandparents!



Spring Cleaning: Did you know more plastic bins and organizing items are sold in May than any other month?  Moms are replacing outgrown clothes, outdated home décor, and outdoor grills and pool equipment. It’s time for brands to jump on the Marie Kondo craze and be there to help moms get organized for the summer months and beyond.

Mother’s Day: The biggest mistake retailers make is directing 100% of their advertising toward dads leading up to Mother’s Day.  In fact, most Mother’s Day gifts are purchased by, you guessed it, MOMS! They buy for their moms, grandmothers of their children, and mothers-in-law.  Some even purchase for themselves.   Reconsider your approach to this most important holiday by focusing on the most important consumer: mothers.

Father’s Day: Moms are typically purchasing multiple gifts for multiple dads in their lives and the lives of their children.  Earn loyalty and business by being a solution to that age-old question, “What do we buy Dad?”  

Graduation Season: Cap and gowns aren’t just for high school and college anymore.  Today, Millennial Moms are celebrating graduations from kindergarten, middle school, and new karate belts; and they are doing it with gifts, parties, and photo mementos.  Contrary to traditional retail calendars, graduation season begins as early as April 1 for many moms.

End of School Year: Nothing disrupts household activities more than the end of the school year — other than the start of a new one.  Moms change the food they serve, the products in their Target and Walmart carts, and the purchases they make, from vacations to camp experiences.  Understand that many schools in the U.S. now end their year as early as May, and colleges dismiss classes in April.  Starting in June is too late to capture this buying season.

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