Magazine Online Audiences More Engaged Than Other Brand Sites

A new report from magazine trade organization MPA-The Association of Magazine Media shows magazine media brands’ sites attracted just as much or more online audience engagement than non-magazine brand sites in Q1 2019.

The Magazine Media 360° Online Engagement Report from MPA shows the level of audience engagement with web (desktop or laptop) and mobile web (mobile device) sites of magazine media brands and digital-native media brands that do not publish magazines.

For example, Golf Digest versus Bleacher Report, or Allure versus Byrdie.



The report measured attributes of engagement in consumer media, including:

*loyalty (the frequency with which magazine brand content is consumed within a specific period)
*immersion (the amount of time during which magazine brand content is consumed within a specific period - also known as time spent)
*intensity (the amount of magazine brand content page exposures within a specific period - also known as interaction) *connection (the level of attraction to, or liking of, a magazine brand - also known as brand affinity)

Loyalty is measured by visits per visitor, immersion by minutes per visitor, intensity by page views per visitor and connection by social media actions per publisher post.

Using third-party metrics from comScore and statistics from MPA’s Social Media Engagement Report, these attributes were analyzed and combined to produce an “online engagement factor” for each brand by online platform.

MPA found in all 10 of the major content categories where sufficient data is available, magazine brands have higher or equal engagement across online media platforms than non-magazine brands.

In short, online users showed more loyalty, immersion, intensity and connection overall to magazine sites than non-magazine brand sites.

Those content categories included epicurean; health and fitness; home and garden; pop culture and entertainment; science, tech and exploration; spectator sports; sports enthusiast; travel; women’s fashion and beauty and women’s service and lifestyle.

The MPA online engagement report will be updated quarterly.

In the future, MPA says it will add audience engagement data for video content to the report, once “a higher number of tracked brands have syndicated research data available” for that format.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, May 24, 2019 at 12:12 p.m.

    While the basic findings are not surprising and I agree with them, it continues to amaze me that we are still defining "engagement" using page views, time spent and other inferrential electronic metrics rather than people-based measurements which go specifically to the issue.

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