Cheetah Digital Replaces Email Addresses With Non-PI Tokens, Offers Archive Service

Cheetah Digital has unveiled two email marketing products designed to help brands deliver personalized experiences while protecting consumer privacy. 

Cheetah Tokenization allows marketers to replace email addresses with tokens based on non-personally identifiable information. The tokens take the place of identifiable keys, and can be utilized without disrupting processes, the company says. 

Using this tool, brands can create personalized campaigns, based on rich data without risking consumer privacy, Cheetah Digital says. In addition, they can better comply with GDPR and laws regulating such sectors as healthcare and finance. 

Cheetah Message Archive allows firms to store and search copies of emails sent to individual customers within minutes of deployment without having to maintain their own search and storage solutions, the company claims.

The millions, possibly billions, of personalized emails sent to individuals must be accessible by customer-facing employees dealing with issues, the firm explains. And messaging archives are required in such regulated industries as financial services, banking and credit reporting.



Both products are now being used by Cheetah Digital clients, it adds. With other new services in the works, they will “help enterprise brands effectively engage with and build emotional loyalty with their customers,” states Bill Ingram, chief product officer, Cheetah Digital.

Cheetah Digital is an enterprise cross-channel technology company with offices in 13 countries.


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