'Scary Mommy' Expands To Live Shows, Activations

Some Spider Studios’ Scary Mommybrand is expanding to live events, with its first show to debut in Annapolis next Thursday, August 15, at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.

The next show will be in Boston on Friday, the 16th, at The Wilbur, sponsored by Plus One, a sexual-wellness brand.

A full slate of shows in different cities will be announced in the fall.

Scary Mommy Live: The Mother of All Comedy Shows,” aims to be a fun “mom’s night out,” with a range of entertainment that includes stand-up comedians, exclusive and new videos, and cameos from popular Scary Mommy personalities.



The seated show will also have activations in the lobby, like a Scary Mommy store that showcases different products made by independent business owners, as well as Scary Mommy merchandise. There may also be opportunities to meet a Scary Mommy personality and take photos, according to Chief Business Development Officer Geoff Isenman.

Scary Mommy Shop and Shop for The Dad, another Some Spider Studios brand, created their own merchandise lines last year for purchase online.

The shops soon expanded to include products from independent brands. While the shops are still in their early stages, founder-CEO Vinit Bharara said the live shows may be a good opportunity to feature these products and highlight the independent brands  that partner with Some Spider Studios.

The lineup for the two shows includes comedian Liz Miele, video cameos from Scary Mommy popular character “Madge the Vag,” Sydnee Washington and comedian Tim Krompier, who will host the show.

Scary Mommy is working with entertainment content studio Mills Entertainment, part of talent agency CAA, to bring its live events to market this month.

Isenman, who focuses on business development and partnerships, said Mills Entertainment’s speciality is “taking existing off-stage brands and helping them craft shows that can scale across stages.”

The shows are co-created  — both companies are putting capital into the series and will share profits. These two shows also serve as a test for future Scary Mommy live shows — a way to see what types of entertainment, venues and pricing are well received by the audience.

Ticket pricing ranges from $35-$75 in Annapolis and $35-$77 in Boston.

“If we can take the show around the country — to 50 cities — with multiple events, at thousand-seat venues, that becomes a nice little line item in your financial sheet that is direct-to-consumer revenue,” Bharara said.

“If it can scale, it can be a pretty big business, and it can be replicated,” he added. 

Interstitials throughout the show will feature Scary Mommy content, serving as a form of marketing for the brand as well. The interstitial videos will also bring attention to the new Scary Mommy Shop, Bharara noted.

Some Spider Studios is a media and entertainment company run by Vinit Bharara. It operates Scary Mommy, The Dad and Cafe, a brand centered around Vinit’s brother, Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern district of New York.

The success of sold-out shows from Cafe inspired Bharara to create a series of live events for the Scary Mommy brand.

The community of moms sharing experiences on Scary Mommy “unite them,” Bharara said. “What we haven’t done yet is to try to take that digital community and take it into the physical world.”

Scary Mommy is one of the largest parenting brands, based on interactions across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snap, according to the company.

It is the only family brand with a Discover channel on Snap.

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