'Choir & Organ' Digitizes 26 Years Of Archives

Subscribers to Choir & Organ can now access its digital back catalog of over 150 issues going back to 1993, in addition to every new issue.

The digitization was accomplished through a partnership between Mark Allen Group, owner of Choir & Organ, and digital publishing firm Exact Editions.

Among its browsing capabilities are the ability to share a specific feature, page or issue across the web, iOS and Android devices. The new elements now create a cross-platform opportunity for readers.

Luca Da Re, head of marketing and digital strategy at Mark Allen Group, noted the new platform “really gives a sense of the magazine’s heritage and importance to the two unique areas of music.”



Da Re stated: “The easy-to-use Exact Editions platforms facilitate the reading and enjoyment of issues old and new for all subscribers.”

Choir & Organ is focused on exploring the inventiveness and excellence of those two fields through their creative possibilities. A typical issue will contain stories and features about newly built and restored organs, profiles of the lives and views of well-known organists, choral directors and composers and coverage of new research, festival and exhibitions.

The magazine also works to promote pioneering and well-established choirs.

Choir & Organ is published monthly.

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