PPM Lands In East Africa

Market researcher the Steadman Group will begin providing audience measurement for radio, television and print in Kenya, it was announced this week, employing Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) system.

The PPM will replace the diary method, which has been the favored mode of audience measurement in the East African nation up until this point.

Already the accepted audience measurement standard in Canada, and in use in Belgium, the PPM has had a tougher time gaining acceptance in the United States.

A July study in the United States by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) concluded that the PPM could lift radio revenue far beyond its current level, and provide the industry with more reliable data than is now available.

The RAB's "Economic Impact Study of the Portable People Meter" concluded that adoption of the PPM could make a sizable difference in radio spending, and open a window for far greater potential revenue growth. The PPM, fully deployed, would potentially lift radio ad revenues $696 million over what they are with Arbitron's current diary method. Continued use of the diary method, meanwhile, could spell a fall in radio revenues, the study warned.



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