'Allrecipes' Reports Record Traffic Over Thanksgiving

Meredith Corp’s Allrecipes brand recorded its highest-trafficked Thanksgiving this year, along with some notable trends emerging among holiday cooks.

The largest number of visitors in its 22-year history, Allrecipes' website counted more than 22 million visits over the Thanksgiving holiday. During Thanksgiving week, calculated from November 22-28, Allrecipesrecorded 50.4 million visits, up 6.4% year over year. Thanksgiving day beat out Thanksgiving eve for number of visits, a new trend.

The reversal of Thanksgiving eve to day represents a shift: Home cooks are using digital recipes and resources while they’re preparing their dishes, says the company.

"With nearly 1.3 billion visits annually, Allrecipes has become a bellwether for how people are cooking and eating across the country,” Catherine Levene, president, Chief Digital Officer of Meredith Corp, stated.

“As we predicted before the holiday, our Thanksgiving weekend data reveals that although Americans still love traditional holiday recipes, they are increasingly seeking out recipes to fit a range of dietary preferences, such as keto and vegan, and are expanding their cooking techniques with air fryers and the Instant Pot."



The most popular recipes were green-bean casserole and pumpkin pie. However, maple and jalapeno appear among trending flavors, revealing a readership leaning more toward experimentation.

Air fryer turkey recipe traffic increased by 432% from last year.

Perhaps the most significant piece of data that came from Allrecipes’ Thanksgiving traffic was the growth in crossover between its recipes and other resources, and grocery ecommerce platforms. Crossover traffic increased by 22% year over year.

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