Attention Capital Acquires Girlboss, Plans To Expand Staff, App

Attention Capital is set to acquire millennial digital media company Girlboss. It will invest in its various products, including its professional network, which will be built into an upcoming mobile-first app, the Girlboss radio network and the brand’s experiential offerings.

In addition to expanded platforms and products, Girlboss’ teams, including experiential, partnership, audio and technology, will enlarge offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“Attention’s thesis is clear: Build brands and technology that capture and measure attention in ways that actually count. When you listen to a podcast or attend an event, it’s the only thing you’re doing. When we connect with our community, it’s the only thing that we — and you — are doing at that moment,” Ashlyn Gentry, cofounder-managing partner, Attention Capital, told Publishers Daily.

Girlboss’s media brand launched in 2017 following the release of founder-CEO Sophia Amoruso’s bestselling 2014 book #GIRLBOSS. The book and media company that followed centered on the importance of entrepreneurship on a professional and personal level.



Over the past two years, Girlboss’ media platform has expanded to include a podcast network that counts more than 21 million downloads, as well as sold-out events. Its professional network was dubbed “the Linkedin for women.” 

“The Girlboss movement’s viral success has made clear that women are more successful when they have access to each other and can share their experiences,” Amoruso told Publishers Daily. “They want to be able to connect with other women based on not only what they do, but who they are.”

Girlboss’ professional network is built to support this community, currently hosting tens of thousands of users according to Amoruso. The app, set to launch in 2020, will “encourage deeper engagement and offer additional benefits and opportunities for these women to connect and collaborate.”

New growth areas are based, in part, on platforms that have resonated with advertisers since its launch.

“Our planned expansions across these channels allow us to build bigger experiences and deeper connections between brands and our community,” she added.

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