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  • by September 26, 2005
Listen up: Transforming radio from a traditional media vehicle to a personalized, educational, interactive, and even humorous experience will stop consumers from touching that dial.


Agency: OMD

Client: ABC "Lost"

Time is of the essence for radio advertisers looking to pique the interest of listeners. At best, advertisers have 45 seconds: ABC did it in 15. OMD's teaser radio campaign for "Lost" evoked raw emotion on a level that left listeners asking, "Was that call for help real?" The radio spot sounded like an actual S.O.S. signal, complete with static reception and the sound of a man in desperate need of help. Radio stations received calls from concerned listeners, and "Lost" drew in 18 million viewers, double OMD's goal of 9 million. Bottom line, the series was ABC's best drama launch in nine years.

Agency: Community Credit Union

Client: Community Credit Union

Researching home equity loans can be confusing, stressful, and very sobering for consumers. How do you make the process more approachable to prospective clients? By poking fun at it. Community Credit Union (CCU) in Texas wanted to educate both members and non-members about Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), introduced to Texans in 2003. A series of six radio spots, developed in-house, took a light-hearted approach to defining HELOC -- from a wrestling move ("was it painful?," asked the copy), to teenage slang for "cool," to a condition that renders men incapable of expressing intimacy. The campaign worked. By the end of the third quarter, Community Credit Union had achieved 180 percent of its yearly HELOC goal.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Client: Yahoo!

The best spokesperson for a brand is someone that uses the product in everyday life, conveying a love for a brand that doesn't come off as artificial. Last summer, Yahoo! with the help of Ogilvy and Mather, held a My Life Engine essay contest where participants explained how Yahoo! enriched their lives. Winning entrants became part of a radio campaign that ran for two weeks in heavy rotation in the winners' markets. Six winners were selected from all walks of life -- from a young dog-lover to a senior citizen who plays bridge via Yahoo! games to a roller-derby player who set up a Yahoo! games message board. The online contest well exceeded its goal of 5,000 entrants, concluding with 21,000.

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