'The Washington Post' Launches 'Post Opinions Simulator' Ahead Of 2020 Election

The Washington Post wants to make the 2020 Democratic primary and caucus season a little more interactive for its readers with a new tool called the Post Opinions Simulator.

Through a proprietary, mathematical predictive model, the simulator allows user to adjust data like polling averages, fundraising numbers and amount of time remaining until Election Day and position five candidates against each other.

After a user has made their adjustments, the simulator runs 10,000 versions of the election, based on the proposed scenario. Results are accompanied by an explanation of the most likely outcomes and how realistic they are.



The simulator will be available to readers throughout the most important moments of the cycle, including the Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire primary and Super Tuesday.

Post Opinions is committed to providing news and content that will help readers feel fully informed, whether that is through publishing diverse perspectives or creating new and engaging products,” stated Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor for The Washington Post.

A newsletter called The Odds is launching alongside the simulator. Set to blast weekly, The Odds will deliver the latest Post Opinions election news, analysis and features to readers on Mondays.

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