President's Reelection Campaign Acquires Exclusive YouTube Takeover

The President’s reelection campaign bought a takeover of YouTube on Election Day.

The deal, first reported Thursday night by Bloomberg News, will make the incumbent President’s ads the exclusive advertiser on YouTube’s masthead for an undisclosed period in early November leading up to and on Election Day on Nov. 3.

The price was not disclosed, but is estimated to range from several hundred thousand dollars to $1 million.

To date, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee has spent $12.7 million on YouTube parent Google, including 33,305 discrete ads served across its platforms.

In 2012, President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign bought YouTube’s masthead on Election Day, but in 2016 there was no exclusive takeover, and the masthead was alternately sponsored by the President and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.



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  1. Robert Passikoff from Brand Keys, Inc., February 26, 2020 at 8:53 a.m.

    Ed we looked to provide a balanced sample in re which show respondents watched 3+ times a week via self-selection. Certainly, given the "political" ranges, very few woud have qualified for all (or even most) of them. We are able to measure any variable (brand, product, person, etc.) in the same way we measure the news brands, so we’ve been measuring “President Trump” each wave, but in this case we balance not for viewership but voter registration. Ultimately, in the instances of these surveys, we are “extracting” one value – trust – and calculating it’s percent-contribution to overall engagement. In the case of news engagement it is viewership. In the case of Trump, we presume it’s his performance as President, as that’s the context in which it’s presented for evaluation. Botto line, not sure. We'd have to adjust the screening and re-think how to present the test variable.

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