AARP Community Connections Launched To Help Local Communities

AARP Innovation Labs launched a new initiative today called AARP Community Connections in an effort to help users find local volunteer groups that can assist with tasks and support.

Nationwide aid is available for various needs, such as picking up groceries, providing financial assistance and offering emotional support. AARP wants its community to feel less isolated during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The need for the initiative follows national calls for social distancing and draws from a 2020 study supported by AARP Foundation that found 43% of adults over 60 reported feeling lonely. Additionally, social isolation can compound health problems, like lung and heart disease.

Andy Miller, senior vice president of AARP Innovation Labs, stated: "Through this innovative platform, people in need of help — or who want to offer help to their communities — are empowered to engage. In this unprecedented time, AARP remains committed to helping the 50-plus population, and AARP Community Connections is one more way we're innovating to improve our communities."



Services being offered include the ability to request a call from an AARP volunteer or a trained counselor, create an account with Savo to more easily connect with family or help joining The Mighty, an online community for people with health issues and their caregivers. 

AARP publishes AARP the Magazine, targeted at those 50+, claims more that 47 million readers.

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