New Normal Demands New Marketing Tactics To Win Moms

While most brands may be pulling back on marketing dollars, many are pivoting to increase their relevance to the new normal.  Dole for instance, is refocusing its digital message to drive moms to the company’s online family resources, which include plenty of printables to entertain homebound children. 

The truth is, right now is the best time to strengthen your relationship with moms. However, it requires new tactics to align with her new lifestyle.  Here’s a few things brands can be doing right now to capture the spending of moms now. 

Focus on the 3 “E”s:  Entertain, eat or educate.  These are the three tasks consuming most of Mom’s day.  Figure out how your product or services fits into one of these three categories. Offer her solutions on social media or in emails to help her achieve her daily goals.

Review your product reviews:  It’s amazing how many brands never monitor their Amazon reviews.  These peer-to-peer recommendations are perhaps the most important tool to a marketer.  Moms are spending 80% more time shopping online since March 1, according to BSM Media research.  Ninety percent of those moms consult at least one online review prior to purchasing a product.  If you do no other marketing during this time, spend time encouraging your customers to leave a review.  It will serve you well once life returns to “normal.”



Become part of their Zoom parties: Moms are a creative bunch and millions are orchestrating Zoom events with classmates, friends and family.   There is an opportunity to insert your product into these virtual events with product samples.  

Help families celebrate special events: So many children are not having birthday parties, high schoolers are hanging up their prom shoes and graduates will never get to walk across the stage.  This is an opportunity for brands to help fill the void in families.  

Little Tikes is helping moms host family Playdate parties, while is creating special graduation kits so families can celebrate together at home. 

Share a smile with moms:  With so much uncertainty, brands need to remember that moms enjoy a good laugh in their day.  Motherhood Maternity is encouraging moms to post pictures of their current reality. The images are entertaining and effective in helping the brand develop a deeper relationship with its community of customers and customers-to-be.  

Hire mom Influencers: There’s no one better to help you deliver your brand message, and right now many mom bloggers have suffered the same financial hit as many brands.  They are willing to work for less and demonstrate their appreciation by overdelivering.  Now is the perfect time to reallocate budget from future campaigns in order to lay the foundation for a successful future in marketing to moms.

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