Conde Nast Taps Danielle Carrig As Global Chief Communications Officer

Conde Nast has appointed Danielle Carrig as its first-ever global Chief Communications Officer, rounding out CEO Roger Lynch’s global executive leadership team.

In her new role, Carrig, who begins May 26, will lead the company’s global communications strategy, encompassing all internal and external communications, media relations, crisis management and employee engagement.

As the company continues to unify its global efforts, Carrig will work closely with communications and brand teams with a focus on advancing Conde Nast’s global narrative and growth priorities.

Prior to joining Conde Nast, Carrig led communications strategy at Vice Media Group as its global Chief Communications Officer, overseeing teams in North America, Europe and Asia. In that role, Carrig boosted communications strategy in television, news, creative agency, digital publishing and studio production. Through her work, Carrig aligned Vice’s workforce under a unified mission, defining corporate narrative and priorities.



Carrig also led visual communications, events, public relations and talent relations at Netflix and spent eight years overseeing communications and public strategy for Lifetime at A+E Networks. Carrig received a Television Academy Governor’s Emmy Award for her work at A+E.

Carrig joins the team introduced by Lynch last August, when he announced a new global leadership structure.

Lynch said: “At this pivotal time for our company, I’m thrilled to have her as a strategic partner as we work to transform and grow our business.” 

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