Realtor's Email Blast Provokes Death Threat: Report

A Florida man reacted to an unsolicited email from a realtor by threatening her with death, according to a local report.

Robert Sagall has been charged with responding to an email blast from Jennifer Kilpatrick, an agent for the Corcoran Group, with “written threats to kill” and a “threat to place a destructive device,” according to an article by Boca News Now. 

Kilpatrick told police that her email contained information about COVID-19. 

A police report says that Kilpatrick said she “sent out a mass email to a bunch of email addresses she bought” containing “the ‘exact data of home owners.'”

The article questions whether Kilpatrick had received permission from recipients to send the email. It states that Kilpatrick apparently purchased the list from a website offering “leads.” 

It was not clear whether there was any political element to the purported threat. Email Marketing Daily could not confirm the allegations at deadline.

Sagall, 22, was released on $20,000 bond, the article says. Kirkpatrick did not respond to a request for comment by Boca News Now.





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