Illinois Lottery Reflects New Mask-Wearing Reality

As advertisers debate whether to reflect current pandemic realities in their everyday creative, the Illinois Lottery is embracing this new normal through creative that attempts to show the happiness of game winners despite the fact that the actors playing them in new ads are masked.

Actors for the campaign were selected because they are known for their extraordinarily expressive faces. The shoot adhered to strict COVID-19 guidelines and those featured were shot individually wearing masks.

The “You Can’t Hide Winning” campaign was developed with O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (OKRP). The ads are set to the classic "Bing Bang Bong” song made popular in the 1960s by actress Sophia Loren.

“We wanted to capture the spirit of what winning looks like at a time when you can’t see someone’s smile,” explained Aubrey Walker, Group Creative Director, OKRP. She adds the music serves as an “important exclamation point” by setting a nostalgic tone that makes it “distinctive and ownable” by the Illinois Lottery. “And once you hear it, it stays in your head.”

The advertising will air into September across broadcast, online video, social, and radio.



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