Bubblicious Blows The Case Wide Open On 'CSI'

At the house of a family of four, three bodies were found, but the young daughter was missing--and Nick refused to give up on finding the little girl alive after he figured out that she left behind Bubblicious gum pieces as clues to her whereabouts in the October 20th installment of CBS' "CSI."

That's just one of the featured product placements of the past week brought to you by MediaDailyNews and branded entertainment researcher iTVX.

Other notable placements include the following:

Model hopefuls took part in a commercial, photo shoot, and interview for Secret Platinum Clear Gel deodorant in the October 19th episode of UPN's "America's Next Top Model." The girl with the best picture will have their Secret ad in People magazine.

Teams had to create a new salad dressing for Wish-Bone and sell it at a local Stew Leonard's store in the October 19th edition of NBC's "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart." Although only one team could win, both salad dressings are being sold for a limited time.



The Donald had his apprentice hopefuls build a parade float that best evoked the spirit of Sony Pictures' new movie, "Zathura," in the October 20th installment of NBC's "The Apprentice."

Two girls went off a bridge in their Mustang in the October 24th edition of CBS' "CSI: Miami." The girls walked away from the crash unscathed, but when a body was found, the case took on a whole new light that may take down one of the CSI team.

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