Contact: Message on a Bottle

It's a place to congregate while quenching one's thirst. Why not create some advertising buzz at the watercooler, too? AquaCell Media Inc., a subsidiary of AquaCell Technologies, has tapped into a relatively new out-of-home segment by putting a "message on the bottle" of its self-filling watercoolers.

The company launched its "watercooler billboards" in more than 100 Duane Reade stores throughout the New York metro area and Rite Aid drugstores nationwide. Unilever's Dove brand saw in-store sales rise more than 34 percent. And CBS signed on to promote the show "Out of Practice."

"There is no doubt that these ads are right in their face as they bend down to fill their glass of water," explains Karen Laustsen, president and COO of Aquacell.

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