Contact: Exhibit Highlights Advertising's New Age

  • by October 28, 2005
A new exhibit at the new york public library celebrates the history and future of advertising. "Opt In: To Advertising's New Age" features examples from some of the best print, radio, tv, and online advertising campaigns of the last century and beyond. The show, sponsored by The Online Publishers Association and The One Club, offers 3D interactive sculptures that visitors can engage with to view advertising highlights from each medium.

Starting with print ads from the 18th century and radio ads in the 1920s, the exhibit also allows visitors to turn the knob on a giant tv and revisit such classic tv ads as Life Cereals' "Hey Mikey" (1972) and Federal Express's "Fast Talking Man" (1982).

The show runs at the NYPL's Science, Industry and Business Library through December 31 and then moves to the Museum of Radio and tv in Los Angeles in February.

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