'Allure' To Debut 'The Science of Beauty' Podcast

Allure is coming out with its second podcast, co-hosted by editor in chief Michelle Lee and executive beauty director Jenny Bailly. Allure'sThe Science of Beauty” will debut on October 15, and episodes will be released weekly.

The first season of the podcast will have 12 episodes. Six episodes will focus on skin, and the other six on hair.

Olay and Pantene are launch sponsors of “The Science of Beauty."

The podcast will explore the link between science and beauty. Each episode leverages Allure’s network of experts, such as dermatologists and cosmetic chemists, to discuss topics such as sunscreen, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, pores, body hair, lasers and curls.



"We saw this podcast as the perfect way to go deep on all that science and bring them answers in a format that also lets us share personal stories and laugh and admit when we’re confused and then keep questioning,” Bailly told Publishers Daily.

The new podcast “really pulls back the curtain on the reporting that Allure has been doing for three decades — letting everyone listen in as we unpack the beauty myths that just won’t die and make them explain a 'free radical' once and for all,” she added.

The magazine brand launched its first weekly podcast, “The Allure Podcast,” last December. Each episode features a conversation with an influential voice in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries.

“While each episode of ‘The Allure Podcast’ focused on one personality, ‘The Science of Beauty’ focuses on a topic ... told in a more narrative structure," Lee told Publishers Daily.

Downloads of “The Allure Podcast” were up 126% year-over-year, with downloads of season three, which featured guests Tyra Banks, Alexa Chung and Huda Kattan, among others, up 172% compared to season two.

“We've found that our audience of fellow beauty enthusiasts loves the audio format,” Lee said. “This longer-form storytelling format allows us to spend more time on a single topic, and to answer not only our own questions, but questions from our audience."

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