Have A Coke And Some Bile: Advocacy Group Targets Brand's Right-Wing Political Support

"Share A Coke With Discrimination And Fascism" may not catch on the way taglines like "It's The Real Thing" have, but it will be circling Coca-Cola Co. headquarters in Atlanta this morning, as part of a campaign by gender equality and social justice advocacy group UltraViolet.

That message, and another one tagged "Must Stop Funding Hate" alongside a polar bear wearing a MAGA cap and offering a bottle of Coke are part of a billboard truck ad buy to generate awareness of Coca-Cola Co.'s corporate donations backing Republican incumbent senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the lead up to Georgia's pivotal runoff election in January.

“Despite telling consumers they support social justice issues, the political giving of companies like Coca-Cola tells a different story," says UltraViolet Director of Reproductive Rights Campaigns Sonja Spoo, adding, “Senators Perdue and Loeffler threaten the health and safety of our communities and consumers need to know that brands like Coca-Cola are responsible for putting politicians like them in office.” 

The advocacy group said Coca-Cola Co. donated $1.3 million, or about 59% of its political giving, to "anti-choice, anti-equality candidates or their associated PACs, including Perdue and Loeffler."

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