Most Conservative Sites Lost Traffic In February, But A Few Stood Out

Twelve out of the top 20 conservative websites suffered declines in unique visitors in February YOY, according to analysis by The Righting, a ranking that say its goal is to alert liberal audiences to headlines from the right. 

The largest numerical slide — a 24% drop totaling 25 million — was experienced by  

However, larger percentage decreases affected Washington Examiner (-56%) Washington Times (-55%) 

and PJ Media (-48%), based on Comscore data.

In contrast, grew by 155%, The Daily Wire by 139% and Newsmax by 126%. This was the third consecutive triple-digit hike for Newsmax. 

“A softer news environment in February featuring a less confrontational president impacted the traffic to conservative websites,” states Howard Polskin, president-chief curator, The Righting. “The year 2020 was one of the most consequential since 1969, which resulted in consumers flocking to news outlets.”

Polskin doesn’t anticipate similar variances for the rest of 2021 barring “some major unforeseen news developments.”

Liberal or “mainstream” sites also saw declines, although not as dramatic.

The New York Times fell by 16%, and The Washington Post by 7%. However, CNN saw a 7% increase. 

Here is the ranking for conservative websites:

  1. Fox News—81 million (-24%) 
  2. Daily Wire—7.9 million (+139%)
  3. Washington Examiner—7.5 million (-56%) 
  4. Newsmax—7.1 million (+126%) 
  5. TheBlaze—6.2 million (-4%)
  6. Western Journal—6.1 million (-3%) 
  7. Washington Times—6 million (-55%)
  8. Epoch Times—5.3 million (-18%) 
  9. National Review—3.7 million (-46%) 
  10. Brietbart—3.3 million (-6%) 
  11. Gateway Pundit—3 million (+62%)
  12. Daily Caller—2.7 million (-42%) 
  13. The Federalist—2.3 million (+30%
  14. Townhall—2.1 million (+6%) 
  15.—1.9 million (+155%) 
  16.—1.6 million (-32%) 
  17. RedState—1.4 million. (+37% 
  18. CNS News—1.3 million (+1%) 
  19.—1 million (+15%) 
  20. PJ Media 991,000 (-48%)
  21. Washington Free Beacon—938,000 (-12%)
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