Washington Post's Digital Platform Rebrands As Arc XP

The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing, a digital platform that powers more than 1,500 sites, has been renamed Arc XP, as it scales up to support “the full range of digital needs for businesses in a variety of sectors,” states Scot Gillespie, CTO-GM of Arc XP. 

Arc XP, a division of WaPo, entered the market six years ago. It has 250 staffers and expects to add 150 hires over the next two years. 

“The Washington Post has shown that media companies can create monetizable tech that improves user experiences and decreases the reliance on third parties through its launch of Arc and Zeus,” Mike Donoghue CEO of Subtext, wrote last year. 

Arc XP has a subscription platform that serves over 50 million+ paying users worldwide. In addition, it has added a turnkey theming tool to allow customers to go to market in less than 30 days.  

Tribune Publishing migrated to Arc in 2017 and last year decided to license WaPo's revenue platform Zeus Technology, including its programmatic tech stack, to optimize ad performance and delivery.  



Arc XP now leverages over 100 Amazon Web Services products within its platform. In addition, it has integrated technologies from Akamai, Catchpoint, Mulesoft and others to provide an intelligent interface and technology backbone for its clients.  

Also, Arc XP is an Advanced partner within the AWS Partner Network and has achieved its AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status

With customers 24 countries, Arc has recently expanded to Mexico with SDPnoticias and the United Arab Emirates with The National. 
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