Net Radio Numbers

  • February 20, 2002
MeasureCast, Inc. has released the top 10 Internet radio networks for the week of Feb. 4 to Feb. 10. The 203 AM and FM stations comprising the Warp Radio network streamed a combined total of 611,975 hours, making it the number one streaming radio network measured by MeasureCast. StreamAudio, which streams 221 AM and FM stations over the Internet, came in second with 570,308 hours. Radio Free Virgin, with 52 stations, took the number three spot.

As for the MeasureCast Weekly Top 25 chart of individual web radio stations (ranked by total time spent listening, or TTSL), Virgin Radio held on to the top spot by streaming 292,186 hours. JazzFM took second place again by streaming 267,458 hours. However, it attracted 27,186 more listeners than Virgin Radio.

MEDIAmazing spent another week in third place with a TTSL of 189,696.

Newcomers to the Top 25 chart include Internet-only broadcasters (excludes SHOUTcast audience) and Lycos Top 40 (streamed by RadioCentral Networks), and New York's WFUV-FM (Fordham University).

In addition, MeasureCast has signed several new subscribers to its streaming audience measurement service, including: Moontaxi Media Inc., a Canadian Internet broadcaster and only fully-licensed Internet music provider; Onion River Radio, Vermont's online radio station playing classic and modern rock; and Radio Free Virgin, a digital broadcasting company.



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