California Chinese Prefer Own Language Media

California Chinese Prefer Own Language Media

A new survey, jointly-commissioned by the two leading broadcasters serving primarily Chinese viewers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, revealed that the overwhelming majority of California Chinese prefer to use Chinese language media, especially television. Interviews were conducted in the language of respondent's choice: Cantonese, Mandarin or English.

The survey, conducted by Lieberman Research Worldwide and Interviewing Service of America (ISA), " the first time that two leading Asian Pacific American broadcasters have joined forces to study the unique demographic and psychographic characteristics of one of the largest Asian sub-segments in the state, Chinese consumers," said Bill Imada, president of the Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF).

Key findings of the survey are:

  • 87% of California Chinese prefer to use Chinese language TV versus 13% English TV.
  • Television is the predominant Chinese language medium, used most often by 60% of the market. Newspapers are preferred by nearly one-fifth (18%) of all respondents.
  • Of those who watch some Chinese TV programs, 90% report regularly watching local US and Chinese community news. Approximately the same number report regularly watching news from Asian countries.

When asked about frequency of viewing, the findings are

  • 83% watch Chinese TV several times a week or more
  • 60% listen to Chinese radio several times a week or more
  • 60% read Chinese newspaper several times a week or more
  • 62% watch Chinese TV everyday or nearly everyday
  • 43% listen to Chinese radio everyday or nearly everyday
  • 36% read Chinese newspaper everyday or nearly everyday

Michael Halberstam, President of ISA, commented, "... just like the general market audience, TV seems to be the primary medium for news and entertainment for Chinese Americans and Asian Americans in general, especially when they are available... in the geographic markets that have free broadcast TV available, TV consistently comes out as the leading medium."

For more details on the survey, please visit KTSF or KSCITV .

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