How To Drive Meaningful Sales On TikTok

TikTok has become a staple for brands. With more than 1 billion monthly users, the platform has been a gold mine. And with campaigns starting at $50 per day, it’s accessible for most marketers. Here’s more about recent updates to TikTok advertising.

TikTok’s iOS 14 Update

Most advertisers have seen some impact of Apple's iOS 14 update. On TikTok, Apple will display a prompt for users to choose which ad experience is best for them. 

In response, TikTok is sharing three actionable steps for brands and advertisers:

1. Update mobile measurement partner SDK. 

2. Complete conversion event configuration in your MMP. 

3. Send all events to TikTok via your MMP. 

Following the above steps will allow brands a new structure to gauge installs and post-install events. And sending all data to TikTok will make it easier to improve performance. 

 More Personalization within TikTok’s Ad Experiences 



If you’ve ventured over to TikTok’s “For You” page, you’ve seen firsthand how well the app understands its users. Naturally, TikTok is applying this knowledge to its advertising algorithm. Over the last several months, brands have noticed their campaigns leveling up. This is in part due to increased insight into user activity and engagement. Of course, the thought of more personalized ads raises alarm amid iOS14. However, TikTok ensures its commitment to privacy.

Top Ads Library Tool 

“Top Ads” is a new advertising tool available to TikTok users. It includes a robust search function with a variety of filters like date ranges and performance indicators.

Strategic Insight 

Brands can drive meaningful sales on TikTok, as the platform has enhanced ecommerce functions that improve the shopping experience. And the app's retargeting capabilities help brands identify purchase intent. Here's a breakdown of the ad types that work best.

  • Dynamic Product Ads -- an in-feed solution that automatically promotes product ads to users based on behavior.
  • Showcase Cards highlight several products in one ad via a product card.
  • Promo Cards -- customizable shopping cards that serve as in-feed ads.
  • Curated Gallery Ads -- branded ads featuring key products. They link to an instantly loaded shopping page.

Here are some actionable recommendations for advertisers.

Test in auction.

-- Use broad organic learnings to develop a paid strategy on TikTok.

-- Start by leveraging the platform’s offering of In-Feed Video.

-- Take advantage of a full-funnel opportunity and flexible bidding types.

Define what matters most.

-- Define which engagements matter most to your brand, and build brand interactions through TikTok’s reservation buys.

-- Tap into the Brand Takeover placement and Branded Effects with lenses and filters.

Own the conversation.

-- A Hashtag Challenge is the best way to own the conversation and encourage users to engage directly with your brand.

Take creative risks.  A lighthearted video that shows off your brand’s products can come across as more authentic than a viral meme. Analyze what types of content have worked well in the past on other platforms and adapt for TikTok.

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