Why Lysol Wants To Kill COVID, Profits Too

In what may be the best examples of corporate altruism, Reckitt is teaming up with the Ad Council to promote a public service ad campaign that, if successful, could actually diminish demand for one of its best-selling products during the pandemic: Lysol.

The "Come On Over" campaign (see below) encourages Americans to go to GetVaccineAnswers.org for information about COVID-19 vaccinations will run across all of Lysol's digital channels, including YouTube, and will also be placed on network TV.



The spot features groups of people welcoming friends and family back into their homes, presumably after getting vaccinated.

"For more than a century Lysol has been helping people protect their loved ones and prevent the spread of illness-causing germs," Reckitt Executive Vice President-North America Hygiene E. Yuri Hermida said in a statement announcing the campaign. "We're uniquely positioned to deliver on the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative's goal to encourage people to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines to make informed decisions. We hope the promise of being able to re-open our homes will inspire people to seek out answers from trusted, scientifically-backed sources."

The effort is altruistic, because Reckitt is putting public health ahead of profits. The company recorded record revenues in 2020, due largely to increased demand for Lysol, a product proven to kill surface germs, including viruses like COVID-19.

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