'Forbes' Launches Subscription Service For Marketing Partners

Forbes has launched its first lead-generation subscription service: Forbes Demand Engine.

The paid leads-as-a-service offering will allow marketers to interact with their core audience through Forbes’ content.

Brands can use Demand Engine to seek “guaranteed marketing-qualified leads, and to tap into our content, content studio and data resources to help them drive business,” says Jessica Sibley, CRO for Forbes, speaking at a session at MediaPost’s Publishers Insider Summit. 

Forbes will work with partners on each campaign over the course of the subscription. It will capture data from audiences who engage with the content and deliver it to the partner.

”Every engagement will be custom-based on the target audience and time frame,” Sibley adds.



The product stems from Forbes’ experience of working with partners to convert audience interest into tangible leads, Sibley notes.

Like many publishers, Forbes is always looking for new revenue opportunities. And its clients are looking for new opportunities for engagement.

The new DTC service connects Forbes’ premium audiences with premium clients, it says. 

Forbes is also building a profile business through which people on its executive rankings can create profiles, similar to a LinkedIn profile, with the credibility of a Forbes listing, Sibley reports. It started with the financial advisor community. 

Forbes says it reaches 140 million people worldwide per month. 


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