Spark Foundry Leans Into Summer Heatwave, Places Temperature-Triggered Ads For Jack Daniels

This summer may prove to be one of the hottest in modern history, and while that may be an anathema for human comfort and health conditions, it could be a boon for a new “multi-sensory” out-of-home media campaign Publicis Media’s Spark Foundry unit is breaking for client Jack Daniels.

The campaign, which will run on digital out-of-home installations in the U.K. for seven weeks beginning July 12. The outdoor ads, which promote Jack Daniels new Tennessee Apple-flavored bourbon, will emit an apple scent whenever the outside temperature reaches 24 degrees (Celsius, or 72.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The apple scented sites will feature takeovers in London’s Leicester Square and Clapham Common.

The reason for the temperature-based scent trigger is that the campaign promotes the apple-flavored bourbon as an alternative spirit to gin to be paired with tonic as a popular summertime drink.

“This campaign targets our audience during moments of refreshment, when they would usually think about making or ordering a G&T,” explains Justyna Noga, brand manager at Jack Daniels marketer Brown-Forman.



“As temperatures rise in the U.K., we knew using a combination of multi-sensory [out-of-home] and weather-triggered creatives would make Jack Apple unmissable this summer when people are out and about, meeting friends and going for picnics,” adds Spark Foundry Business Director Kirsty Graham.

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