'Los Angeles Times' Names Shani Hilton As First Managing Editor For New Initiatives

The Los Angeles Times has named Shani Hilton to the new role of managing editor for new initiatives, effective immediately. 

Hilton will lead efforts to expand the paper’s journalism and foster a newsroom culture of experimentation. Hilton joins Managing editors Scott Kraft and Kimi Yoshino, and will oversee the podcast and video departments.

Her focus will be “wide-ranging and may include new areas of coverage, music, poetry, comedy, books, documentaries, scripted projects, new ways for journalists to engage with subscribers, pop-up events, debates, community and prison journalism, block parties and much more,” states Kevin Merida, LAT executive editor.

Hilton has served as managing editor since joining the LAT in 2019. Previously, Hilton was vice president of news and programming at BuzzFeed News.

“Trying stuff is where I tend to gravitate, so I’m grateful to Kevin, and to the Soon-Shiong family’s commitment to letting us experiment as we continue to transform the Los Angeles Times,” Hilton states.  



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