Contact: Talk to the Head

Your cell phone just got a lot better at entertaining you in doctors' office waiting rooms. Now you can watch a new MTV series for a quick chuckle. Motorola and MTV Networks International's "Head and Body" is a weird and funny eight-episode -- sorry, eight-mobisode program about a headless body and his hapless head. The twentysomething odd couple work out, try to meet women, and attempt a skin-scraping shaving scene that will make you cringe with recognition. The show provides a new way to connect with young people who use cell phones as an everyday source of entertainment, says Gideon Bierer, senior vice president of digital media for MTV Networks International. Any cell phone user with video capability (not just Motorola customers) can get the shorts on, or through MTV mobile distribution channels through the end of 2005. Accompanying the mobisodes is "Here Is My Head," a song by pioneer alt-rocker Paul Westerberg.
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