Contact: Whole Advertising

One rainy Saturday afternoon, I scurried along 7th Avenue, cursing as my hair blew into a Medusa-like mess and my umbrella flipped inside-out. Upon arriving at the Chelsea Whole Foods Market, I didn't grab a cart or drool over the cookies as usual; instead, I descended to the store's netherworld.

As a frequent Whole Foods shopper, I'd always wondered how the New York City stores found customers to pose for the candid ad campaigns that hang in store windows (and float on some cash register screens). Because it's believable that the "models" shop at the store, and the posters introduce products I'd like to try, it's always exciting to see the latest Whole Foods ad eye candy, which changes every six weeks.

Then one evening I noticed a sign by the customer service counter calling for models. My e-mailed application included questions like, "How old do you feel?" and, "All I want this season is..." (branded products were suggested). In response, I received a photo shoot appointment.

To my wet and winded relief, before my shoot began I was fed Whole Foods' Two-Bite Brownies, and primped with store products by a Whole Body makeup artist. Music played while the photographer joked and shot, and I felt like a natural.

If you spot my poster this month, know that my smile is that of one satisfied customer.

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