INMA Launches New Topic Program: The Advertising Initiative

The International News Media Association (INMA) has launched a topic-based initiative it says will help media rejuvenate data- and research-backed advertising sales in a post-pandemic market.

The new program, the Advertising Initiative, will feature a biweekly newsletter, bimonthly video meet-up, master classes, reports, conference presentations and “Ask Me Anything” sessions.

The goal is to “surface best practices and trends — and make certain media companies aren’t leaving money on the table for the reboot ahead,” states Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. 

Mark Challinor will head up the project.

The initiative will focus on: 

*The rise of ad formats — This will include case studies on contextual advertising, content studios, branded content, self-serve advertising, and programmatic. 



*The revised sales team — Getting the right talent, motivating sales teams, emerging team structures, selling first-party fueled advertising, franchise sell and where ecommerce fits. 

*The new role of print — Leveraging print in an increasingly digital world.

“We believe national and local economies are coming back to life, and advertising will be vital to the success of companies rebuilding brands, sparking foot traffic, and selling goods and services,” says Wilkinson.

INMA’s other topic-based initiatives include the Readers First Initiative on digital subscriptions; the Digital Platform Initiative on Big Tech developments; the Product Initiative covering methods, strategies, KPIs, and prototyping; and the Smart Data Initiative and its focus on audience and content metrics, analytics and workflows. 


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