Why Marketers Are Spending More Time Researching 'Experiential Marketing?'

“Experiential marketing” is back in the top spot of content consumption by marketers, as measured by Bombora Company Surge. In a hybrid environment, increasingly driven by purpose-driven consumers, expectations of the value exchange we get from experiences has fundamentally changed — which can have interesting implications for today’s organizations. 

We’ll soon see a resurgence of seeking in-person experiences, so considering how every touchpoint may be paired with the same level of convenience as one would have at home or at work is important to keep in mind.  

In the experience economy where attendee touch points are currency, it’s the emotions customers take away that matter most. Being agile and fast-to-market is critical when it comes to creating experiences that make the most of these few and far-between moments. A hybrid world opens the experience economy up to endless possibilities for company investment. Across the board, customer experience will remain a top priority for the next few years – and most buyers would pay a premium for an above-the-line experience. 

“Enterprise search” is also on the rise among marketers, according to intent data. This could suggest the growing role of CMOs and marketing teams within organizations. Leading marketers are known to have a wider remit in their business, giving them more influence in maintaining a longer-term sustainable competitive advantage. 

They are more likely to be responsible for product and service innovation and for medium and long-term brand health, but the biggest difference is their involvement in the delivery of digital transformation programs — which could encompass entire buyer portals, employee databases, and even intranets. Enterprise search also enables adaptive organizations to become more efficient. What can be seen as a major endeavor with no clear end in sight, figuring out your enterprise search solution can lead to empowerment through cultural independence to deliver more effective collaboration. Now for a minute imagine an extra three weeks a year. That’s the freedom enterprise search grants companies on the leading edge of innovation. 

Agencies, on the other hands, have “brand ambassadors” on their mind. With the creator economy charging full steam ahead, everyone has a voice. Brand ambassadors, much like creators, are plugged in and set social trends and, as a result, brands are looking for ways to create genuine connection connections. Brand ambassadors offer a level of authenticity and trust that can’t always be found in the creator economy. Also referred to as “brand advocates” or “brand representatives,” they provide a face for your company within a community of people with whom they have established trust. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on steroids.

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