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Michael McLaren

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Forever curious about the intersection of creativity, technology and data - their impact on marketing communications and the endless possibilities for connecting with customers in new and different ways

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  • Marketers Seek Control: 'Field Marketing,' 'Social Business,' 'Brand Protection' Ascending in MediaDailyNews on 09/24/2020

    This week's data shows marketers and agencies are on a quest for control as they're forced to reckon with a fall and winter of distracted consumers and a pandemic that remains undeterred in its ability to upend normal business practices.

  • Interest In 'Blogging,' 'Third-Party Data' On The Rise in MediaDailyNews on 09/21/2020

    Interest in "blogging" is surging at both agencies and brands. A brand's blog is owned content, giving writers full control over the narratives they wish to push.

  • 'Brand Building,' 'Customer Communications' Ascend, So Does 'Spam' in MediaDailyNews on 09/11/2020

    After a relatively tumultuous summer, we're seeing a slow comeback for advertisers as the drop in ad spending brought on by the pandemic is starting to shrink. Looking at long-term trends, we're noticing interest in "brand building strategy" and "customer communications" on the rise among brands. After several months of responding to the pandemic, both topics indicate that companies and leaders are ready to reset for growth beyond coronavirus.

  • 'Magic Quadrant,' 'Video Wall,' 'Customer Behavior' Rising Among Marketers in MediaDailyNews on 09/04/2020

    The first few months of the coronavirus pandemic struck fear and uncertainly into the plans of many marketers, resulting in decreased spend and an effort to increase control over customer acquisition channels. Back in May, we saw an increase in marketers' intent around terms such as direct-to-consumer marketing and brand-safety. Since then, the dips and increases in intent around various communications channels, marketing tools, and industry topics have shown a marketing community moving back into "cautious experimentation" mode-one that oscillates between tried-and-true approaches and untested frontiers.

  • Interest Piques For 'Customer Delight,' 'Data-Driven Marketing,' 'Intent Data' in MediaDailyNews on 08/27/2020

    Agencies are embracing data like never before which could explain why search intent for "Data Driven Marketing" has been climbing since the end of June. Coronavirus has forced agencies across the board to embrace change in an increasingly crowded landscape. Many agencies differentiate themselves with big ideas and strong insights, often through large-scale campaigns, and they must learn how to translate that service over digital channels. Becoming data-driven is table stakes for enterprise success, and agencies have to be able to walk the talk.

  • 'Leads' Lead Marketers' Attention, 'Conversational Commerce' Rises Too in MediaDailyNews on 08/21/2020

    As agencies and brands determine how to survive in today's new landscape, lead management is key for agencies and brands. The digital world has been a lifeline for sales teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, for most businesses, it has been one of the only ways forward. Among the top 10 search topics with the largest discrepancy among brands and agencies, according to this week's Bombora search topics? Lead Management, Lead to Account Matching and Lead Scoring all ranked highly.

  • Interest Soars For 'WhatsApp,' 'Attention Analytics,' Declines For 'Price Sensitivity' in MediaDailyNews on 08/14/2020

    We knew ads were coming to Facebook-owned WhatsApp, and it seems advertisers are getting ready to scale that engagement -- if brand/agency search terms are any indication of what's in store for the world's largest messaging platform.

  • Marketer Interest In 'Ad Blocking' Surges, 'Ad Viewability' Too in MediaDailyNews on 08/06/2020

    This week, we look at three key terms that have been on marketers' and agencies' minds -- "ad blocking," "ad viewability" and "account-based marketing"" -- to see how their interest in them has moved - or not moved - since then.

  • Brand Interest Spikes For 'Digital Disruption,' 'Lead-to-Account Matching,' 'Radio' in MediaDailyNews on 07/30/2020

    The adoption of new and emerging technologies has been accelerated by COVID-19, so it shouldn't be surprising that this week's analysis shows a spike in interest about "digital disruption," which has been climbing steadily among brands since early May as global supply chains were disrupted for every industry in every region. This trend shows no sign of slowing and we should expect more disruption, as static sectors are turned on their heads.

  • Online Video Interest Rising, Print Collateral Too in MediaDailyNews on 07/24/2020

    Industry interest in "brand safety" has taken a nose dive as interest begins spiking in "online video marketing," "streaming media," and yes, even "print collateral" media.

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