M&As Brewing? Data Shows 'Acquisition Strategy' Spiking Among Advertisers, Agencies

Interest in “acquisition strategy” has risen sharply among both agencies and brands, according to Bombora Company Surge — confirming a strong and sustaining return to M&A activity this year.

Last year demonstrated a remarkable rebound from 2020. Global M&A volumes dominated by tech reached $5.9 trillion in value (a 64% increase compared with 2020), smashing records and overcoming any uncertainty brought forth by the pandemic. Shareholder activism, strong economic growth, and low interest rates combined with the subsiding effects of COVID-19 to underpin CEO confidence, driving the promise of M&A to accelerate expansion and the execution of strategic priorities. 

As an integral part of a company’s growth strategies, agency partners will feel the effects of these transformative M&A deals. Whether investors are looking to expand, to transform their business model or simply to outrun the competition, agencies have a role to play. The omnipresence of technology – in ecommerce, content delivery and other areas – poses an ripe opportunity for businesses rapidly reorienting around sharp shifts in the way people consume media and purchase products.



Brands and agencies are on different pages about “enterprise search,” intent data show. Enterprise search takes on different meanings depending on who you talk to. Generally speaking, enterprise search is the totality of your online presence anywhere and everywhere people can search to fulfill needs relevant to your business. It’s an essential tool in the digital ecosystem where searchability can boost your brand’s online presence and unlock your ecommerce potential. After all, having a cross-channel enterprise search strategy is essential for the visibility of any large organization with an online presence. 

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