AP Offers Financial, Sports Data Via Blockchain

The Associated Press has fully embraced blockchain, and is making its datasets available to providers via Chainlink. 

AP data, including economic data, sports game outcomes and business financials, will be sold directly to applications running on various blockchains, AP writes in a story. It can also be used to automate processes that happen on-chain.

This can include election race calls and on-chain trade triggers when a company’s quarterly financials are released. In addition, the arrangement can facilitate use of non-fungible tokens based on real-world events. 

This news occurs as smart contracts — tamper-proof computer programs that trigger outcomes when certain conditions are met — are growing in popularity, especially in the areas of finance (DeFi) and NFTs, AP notes.  



“Chainlink technology is the ideal way to provide smart contract developers anywhere in the world with direct, on-demand access to AP’s trusted economic, sports, and race call data” states Dwayne Desaulniers, AP’s director of blockchain and data licensing. “Working with Chainlink allows this information to be compatible with any blockchain.” 

AP’s Chainlink Node securely connects blockchain environments with data, which will be cryptographically signed to verify it is from AP.  

“Given its large and continually growing repository of facts and data ... it makes sense for the AP to launch a Chainlink oracle node and support innovation within emerging smart contract industries,” states William Herkelrath, managing director at Chainlink Labs. 

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